Scratch Game

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How to Play

Playing Scratch Game is Easy:

  • You need to Watching at least 4 advertisements and at least 10 ClixGrid views to start playing.
  • For every 4 Extra advertisements you click, you will receive one more Extra chance to play!
  • The More advertisement you click, the More Chances & Prizes you will have!
  • The game will reset at 0:00 server time, any left chances will reset as well expect purchased chances.
  • Note: all prizes & winnings are credits instantly except the Deposit Bonus prize, Deposit Bonus Ticket is valid for 24 hours only, you may add funds before it expires to get the Deposit Bonus.

No More Chances!

Scratch Game

Minimum requirements are not fullfilled
You clicked advertisements today. The minimum is 4 Views.
You clicked UltimateGrid today. The minimum is 10 Views.

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4 Ad Views.
10 Grid Views.
0 Chances Left.

Last 10 Winners Prize

1. gucia9
5% Deposit Bonus
2. podantopgmwest
5 Points
3. podantopgmwest
5% Deposit Bonus
4. jnf85
15 Points
5. nadezdao
10 Points
6. nadezdao
10 Points
7. nadezdao
5 Points
8. podantopgmwest
20% Deposit Bonus
9. nadezdao
5% Deposit Bonus
10. podantopgmwest
5 Points

Top 10 Winners Winning

1. nadezdao
2. costica19
3. alanchang
4. podantopgmwest
5. alcoor
6. stronza
7. knald16
8. betty70
9. bmr071
10. ThanasisTsepas